About Us

Our Vision

The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success™ believes in a vision of transforming and contributing to a world full of abundance in prosperity, namely that of happiness, health and wealth, where the world dances not as one, but as empowered individuals, unique and whole in our own right, and yet an essential integrated part of the universal dance that is, life.

Our Mission

The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success is committed to empowering our Clients with the means to draw on their inner resources and strengths to reach for and achieve the life they want.

To that end The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success is committed in particular to the following:

  • To follow a totally holistic process addressing the needs of the whole person and or organisation.
  • To motivate, and facilitate clients in achieving their true potential and bring about positive change through the setting and achieving of self – defined goals
  • To operate on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful with the ability and the potential to express and define their own outcomes
  • To establish an interactive partnership which challenges clients to recognise and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forwards
  • To be an instrument in helping every client to develop a fresh perspective on each situation they are facing supporting them to explore a range of options
  • To develop a positive process, tailor – made to suit the specific needs of each individual client or organisation
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion on every client, regardless of their gender, ethnic, social or religious background.

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The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success connects you with your destiny.

About your Trainer

Hi my name is Naveen. As your coach I’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to you for taking the first step in your journey to the new you, and for choosing us as your coach – guide navigation – call it what you like, we are here to chart your course to a brighter new look you. We’re here to help you create a future where you’ll will have no regrets. For choosing us we say thank you.

For a long time it was a long bumpy ride to get to this stage in my life where I now have a purpose, a meaning in life, a reason to get up in the morning and live my life, my way with no regrets.

Coming from a mixed race family growing up in rural Ireland, I was bullied from an early age. I developed depression in my teens and still struggling to fit in, I attempted suicide a number of times in my twenties. All because I wanted to feel accepted. I desperately wanted people to love me. As time went by something inside me kept saying this is not right, this doesn’t feel right. I was numb, completely lost, empty, lacking any focus, direction, any purpose. Was this it, was this my lot? For the bones of 20 years I went through life guided by other people and their motives and intentions for me, good or bad. I was not in control of my life, my future, my destiny, someone else was steering my bus and I was letting them. So after being manipulated, bullied and made a scapegoat of for too many years by so many people, I decided enough was enough. In that moment, I decided to change forever; I like to refer to it as my moment of calm. For me I had to repeat so many cycles of the same behaviour, encounter the same events, situations over and over again, not necessarily with the same people. I was in a pattern. It felt like what I like to call a déjà vu and that’s not a good thing. For me this feeling of déjà vu was a warning that something needed to change and either I was going to be a passenger and live with the consequences or I was going to do something about it. I decide to do something about it and, suffice to say, I dont get déjà vu today.

In that moment, I realised that I had to change something or I would be starting another cycle of the same behaviour again, just on a different day. I firmly believe that we repeat these cycles in life until we actually get the learning we need before we can let go of the event and move on. How many failed relationships must we go through until we find Mr. or Mrs. Right? How many jobs must we go through before we find the one for us? While all these questions are going through our heads, we’re changing our careers, upping sticks to move to greener pastures, soul searching for that someone who will love us for who we are, but nothing really changed. It took me a long time to realise that we are the common denominator in our previous failed relationships and in our previous three jobs. I am the common denominator in every cycle of repeated behaviour in my life that has got me to where I am today, and unless you are willing to take control of the steering wheel and plan a new course of action, as sure as you’re sitting here reading this, you will end up repeating the same failed relationships, meeting the same assholes, being bullied and victimised over and over again. That for me was my eureka moment. And I had to go to the deepest depths of pain imaginable before I had my liberation, my moment of truth, the moment I had been searching for. In that moment, I found the brakes and called a halt to this behemoth of life that was causing me so much stress and pain. That was my moment of clarity… and it was the most physically painful and yet also the most freeing feeling I’ve ever had. After that day, I spent two years in counselling twice a week working on learning what it was to be me, what it was to be NAVEEN, and how to love myself. How could I expect someone else to love me if I could not express it, let alone feel it for myself? Eventually with the help of my counsellor, I managed to gain some sense of why things were the way they were. And it was liberating, but something was missing. I felt like I was in a rowing boat going back and forth from one side of the river to the other, never really getting off on the other side. It felt too comfortable to go back relive the past, but still something inside me was telling me I can’t keeping using what’s happened to me as a medal of honour, a badge that was to be worn with pride, for others to connect with and to associate with. That would have meant living in my past. NO, something told me the more I focused on the past, and all the hurt that was back there, the more I realised I might as well be digging two graves, one for those who hurt me and one for myself. Something deep within the seat of my soul has always said, “Naveen you’re better than this, you must rise up, rise above it and become the person you are meant to be.” I was approaching my thirties I was now ready to move on, and my teacher appeared in the guise of NLP. Today NLP has helped me to shape my life, from the people I interact with, to the relationships I have with my partner, my family, my friends and my work colleagues. I decide what is in my best interest, I decide the thoughts I’m going to have, I decide what serves my highest purpose, my highest intention for me, my family and community and my planet. And if I’m pure and honest in my thoughts and keep my intentions only for good then that can’t but be good for the world. To me this is what authentic empowerment is. It’s when we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning… When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that’s authentic empowerment. Fulfilling your purpose with meaning is what gives you that electrifying ‘juice’ and makes people stand in wonder at how you do it. Hence I am an advocate for what is known as the butterfly effect.

Originally developed by Edward Lorenz, this butterfly effect explains that a butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing could effect the weather thousands of miles away some days later. How does this apply in real life? Well, it just means that small things can have a bigger impact than you think, creating almost a ripple effect.

This effect serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world and I found it to be hugely inspirational when I realised the impact that even small changes could have on my life and the people around me.

So here we are, you know my journey. If you are reading this, chances are you have reached a crossroads in your life like I did. You’ve been down the same road and you’ve done the same things over and over and got the same results, now is the time for you to try something different.

In Love and Light