• Do you want to understand and challenge the way you think.
  • Do you want to convert challenges into opportunities.
  • Do you want to enhance your performance and get results that you deserve.
  • Are you ready to become a success.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success™ is for you. We are here to navigate, guide, and motivate you towards your ultimate dreams

Welcome to The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success™, the Success performance specialist in NLP trainings, NLP Life Coaching™, NLP Sports Coaching™, NLP Business Coaching™ and NLP Academic Coaching™ – helping you to excel at achieving your personal, fitness, business and academic goals

The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success™ specialises in NLP courses and NLP coaching for Sports, business and personal development. With our bespoke programmes & one to one sessions for individuals & teams, let us provide you with the key to unlocking the resources within you to transform & change your life into something more beautiful, by making small changes inside, that transform your world on the outside.

With the backing of over 30 years knowledge and expertise in the field of NLP. We can assist you in your self development and self improvement.

Let us help you get balance back in your life

If you want to be a success you got to think big, and play big, so what are you waiting for, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to GAIN

If you’re interested in changing your life for the better then why not contact us to discuss your unique requirements.