Client Guidelines

Making an Appointment:

To make an appointment simply call 087 923 40 43. It is advisable to make direct contact and have a brief chat to establish how we can work together. Texts will not be answered. Please call during office hours only.

If this is not possible, send an email to to advise us of your current situation and what times you are usually available.

I do not take on all clients who contact me as I only work with clients who are interested in creating positive change in their lives. This will also depend on how well we can work together. If I feel that I cannot be of assistance to you I am happy to refer you to other therapists.

Assessment / Client Intake Form:

Before attending your first appointment please complete a client intake form. Please fill in as much detail as possible. This form is completely confidential and will not be seen by anyone else.

Click here to download this form as a PDF file

Generally, it is better to complete this form in advance and bring it to your first session. This frees up time to be used more effectively to find a suitable approach for you. The purpose of the form is to obtain a realistic view of what is going on for you so that, together we can formulate a suitable plan of action.

Duration of sessions:

The suggested minimum time I work with clients is six weekly sessions of 60 minutes each. Your session is then reviewed with you to monitor progress. I am particularly interested in reviewing sessions on a regular basis to ensure that your session is effective. Therapy of any kind can be expensive and I like to feel that you are able to see how it is working for you, thereby giving you value for your money and time invested.


Sessions are confidential which means I cannot discuss your specific personal details with anyone unless:

  • You are in danger of causing serious harm to yourself or others.
  • You are in danger of being seriously harmed by others.
  • In any circumstances (e.g. court appearances) confidentiality will not be breached before discussion with you.

From time to time I will choose to work with a supervisor or other coach which involves discussion around how we work but please be assured your anonymity shall never be compromised.

Appointment Times:

Please ensure you arrive on time (not early or late) for all appointments. Client appointments are for 60 minutes at an agreed time weekly. If you arrive too early we may be working with other clients and will be unable to let you in. If you can’t find us please give me a call and I can direct you to the door.

The Naveen Dunney Institute of Success uses consultation rooms in and around Portlaoise .View location (attach hyperlink here) in a larger map

If you need to cancel a session please give as much notice as possible. Full Fees will be charged where less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given.

In the Coaching / Therapy Room:

Going to a coach / therapist* is a brave step and it can be hard to speak openly to a total stranger. Be open – minded and be yourself. All behaviours, personality traits and experiences are welcome. All emotions too, from anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, this list is not limited.

– The only major rule about client behaviour is

No physical violence towards your Coach.

Please arrive alone unless a prior arrangement has been made with your coach.

Please arrive sober and not under the influence of drugs. If you do, you will be charged fully for the session and asked to leave. What you do after the session is your own business.

If anything else strikes you that needs clarification send me an email or call me. Thanks.

Contact Outside of Coaching/ Therapy* Session:

Please refrain from sending me text messages, emails or calling between sessions unless by prior agreement. Please call if you are running late.

To protect your confidentiality, generally, if I see a client in a public or social setting I will refrain from engaging in conversation unless you initiate first contact, which in and of itself, must be kept on a broad and general bases, we will not be able to go into specifics of your case in public. Please make a note of anything new that is coming up for you between sessions, and bring it along to your next one.

The “Quick Fix” Coaching / Therapy*:

When you come to coaching / therapy* you will need to get involved. Ultimately it needs agreement and active participation on your part, including doing the coaching / therapeutic tasks and homework that are set for you outside the session. I cannot ‘make’ you better without your involvement.

If you come to me for coaching / therapy* please be aware that you will need to take responsibility to do the work. There is no magic wand out there (sorry to burst your bubble on that on). Experience suggests if you do the work you will feel better – that is what you want isn’t it?

*Coaching / Therapy –When starting on a road of positive change you will encounter levels of change in behaviour, attitudes etc which require us working on our past history in order to move forward, hence why I refer to it as Coaching / Therapy, as you will see the two will crossover at different stages on different levels


The agreed fee is payable before the start of each session. Receipts can be provided where required. If you require a receipt please tell the coach during the session. Receipts sought after the session will incur an administrative fee.

(If you find yourself short of money – COME TO YOUR SESSION anyway. It’s better to continue YOUR session and we can negotiate around fees.) If you are a current client and fees become an issue tell your coach. (Again) It may be possible to negotiate, as we have a commitment to looking after our current clients.

Medico Legal Reports:

Please note that coaches working at Naveen Dunney Institute of Success will not prepare Medico Legal Reports. Typically, Medico Legal Reports need to be prepared by a Medically Qualified Psychiatrist, and our coaches are highly qualified in NLP but are not medical professionals.

NLP sessions are highly confidential, and confidentiality will only ever be breached to conform with legal requirements. If there is a legal requirement to breach confidentiality this will be discussed with you in advance. Generally, this shall only occur if you are at risk of harming yourself or another individual. However occasionally courts may seek reports in criminal or custody cases, and we are legally obliged to provide these reports or give evidence

Psychiatric Patients:

If you are currently under the care of a psychiatrist, we will require a letter of referral from a suitably qualified medic to confirm that NLP is a suitable treatment for you. This is to ensure that your treatment with the Naveen Dunney Institute of Success is compatible with your medical diagnosis. Many psychiatrists prefer a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach which is not available at this time at the Naveen Dunney Institute of Success. I am happy to discuss possible treatments in a general way with any medical practitioner without breaching confidentiality.

Obsessive Behaviour issues and Stalking directed at or towards the Coach

Here at the Institute we have a duty of care for and towards our coaches. Despite this, you as a client or prospective client need to know and understand that you are in charge of your thoughts and therefore you’re in charge of your results. That means you are responsible and accountable for your OWN actions and behaviour.

Should we be of the opinion that your actions or behaviour are untoward or inappropriately directed at or towards the coach in any shape, form or fashion, and thus in breach of the guidelines set out herein, your sessions shall be terminated with immediate effect, and no refund shall be issued. In such circumstances, legal enforcement / proceedings may be pursued.

Clients and Medication:

If you have been prescribed anti-depressants or any other medication you may wish to ask your doctor to refer you to counselling as a treatment option. Please continue to take your medication unless your doctor advises otherwise. Counselling therapies in combination with medication can be very effective.

Please feel free to ask any questions to clarify any of the above.

If you feel anything should be added to these guidelines please feel free to make helpful suggestions via email.